Pre-Rebellion Interview – Millie Manders and the Shutup

The rise and rise of this band continues at Rebellion in 2019. Going from the Introducing stage in 2017 straight onto the Empress Ballroom stage takes some beating. With their infectious brand of punk/ska and hi energy, they are a welcome addition to any festival. After a few line up stages, they’re now ready to storm Rebellion and get the place bouncing. Check them out.

Q. Rebellion has been running since 1996, what does it mean to the band being part of it?

Millie: Rebellion is a notorious festival Worldwide. It’s the inclusion into this huge, supportive family who really have true love for all things punk – the intro stage is full all weekend as well as the bigger stages. The people who go want to discover new bands as well as seeing their faves and it’s amazing.

Alex: It’s an honour to be part of such a big punk family and we want to give back as much love as we receive 

Q. What were your initial opinions of Rebellion, as a festival?

Millie: I was starstruck I think. I’d heard about it. I knew it was the biggest Punk festival in Europe and I knew all our peers had played it. 

Alex:  For me it was great to see so many great bands under one roof (thank god for no camping) 

Q. Did your opinion change at all after you went for the first time?

Millie: I don’t think so. I found it quite overwhelming the first time. I had never been to a large festival indoors so I was pretty anxious and felt a little claustrophobic, but I was on my own the first day to do my acoustic set so that had a lot to do with it. Once I started to meet people and find friends I was fine and I loved it. Everyone who works there were so supportive too. 

Alex: it was even better than I expected. The people are so friendly. There’s a sense of community and the Rebellion Staff are some of the most helpful and nice people we’ve ever met

Q. Do you feel you’ve reached a milestone by performing at Rebellion?

Millie: Definitely. Especially as we went from the Intro stage to The Ballroom last year! None of us could believe our luck!

Alex: Every time. We played the introducing stage in 2017 and the Empress Ballroom last year and they both blew us away 

Q. Its been a busy couple of years for you and the band, any specific  memorable moments 

Millie: Gosh loads…. The Empress Ballroom last year, the Primordial Radio AGM in April this year, signing to our booking agent and label, our last EP… Loads…

Alex: Definitely Rebellion 2018 was the highlight for me. Seeing so many people so early to come and watch a band that was on the introducing stage just the year before… Oh My God 

Q. Any bands that are a must see this year.

Millie: Hands Off Gretel, Riskee and The Ridicule, Popes of Chillitown, Codename Colin, Lead Shot Hazard, East End Baddoes, Call Me Malcolm, Tokyo Taboo, Karl Phillips and The Rejects, Polly Pickpocketz, Nosebleed, Rotten Foxes, Mollusca, Miffy Englefield, Catlow, Spoilers, Counting Coins, The Murderburgers, Maid Of Ace…. I could go on….

Riskee and the Ridicule are a must see. Maid of ace, Counting coins… Sooo many 

Q. Do you spend much time at The Introducing Stage, do you check out any bands before Rebellion.

Millie: A large proportion of the bands I have mentioned above will be on the Intro stage this year

Alex: I love The introducing stage. So much energy from new bands. Probably my favourite stage to watch 

Q. There’s a growing number of exciting energetic bands like yourselves, do you feel part of something?

Millie: The punk/ska punk/pop punk scenes are the most inclusive live music scenes I’ve ever had the pleasure of being part of. It’s a community. We support each other, lift each other up and help each other out. It other words, yes. No question.

Alex: I’m all about new bands. We need to support a new generation of big bands. Our generation’s classics!

Q. Touring or festivals, do you feel any difference?

Millie: There’s a big difference. One is an awesome run of shows usually in venues of varied sizes, the audience usually buying tickets to specifically see you and the supports, the other is a standalone event that you might play two or three in a row of that has a bigger audience that may or may not know your band. Both are awesome fun for different reasons.

Alex: Nah. I love both. Traveling to new places and meet great people who love live music

Q. As a festival, does it stack up to others you’ve played?

Millie: Rebellion is it’s own entity to me. It’s brilliant and I love it but completely different to the others we play.

Alex: Rebellion is in my top 3 list of festivals. It’s mainly because of the people who work there and make it such a fantastic experience for bands and fans. They are great

Q. You’re not shy in getting your message out, do you have anything you’d like to share with us this week that motivates you?

Millie: The love of playing live motivates me to do what I do every day whether that’s touring, song writing, social media, developing young artists or anything else. My anger and indignation at the world around me right now motivates my song writing. Haha!

Alex: That’s for Millie to answer. She is the no shy one 

Q. Are you planning anything special for Rebellion, Single-EP-Album launch.

Millie: We have a new item of merch I am excited about…

Alex: We are working on new songs. We are coming back with a new powerful line up that finally represents the band true spirit 

Q. When do you play Rebellion this year, Stage / Time Slot.

We play two sets, both on the Thursday:

3:05pm, Club Casbah

6:50pm, Almost Acoustic

Q. Why should anyone come see your band, in a nut shell.

Millie: Hopefully, because they like our music! Hahaha! Seriously though, if you have heard of us (or even if you haven’t) if you come to see our show we will be a) unendingly grateful and b) trying to play the best show we have ever played in the hopes you have the raddest of times. All the love and thanks to anyone who has or continues to come and hang out with us. <3

Alex: Because we’d like to give back as much as we receive and more to this festival and our show will reflect that. It’s our way to to say THANK YOU to everyone. Putting on a fierce show.